AGORA-Geodashboard is a web-based dashboard which aims to support real-time decision-making by a set of indicators that are essential to flood risk monitoring. This tool is built upon open-source frameworks and geoservices that follow the standards of Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC). We deployed the prototype to handle data gathered from a real Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in the city of São Carlos. Research partners: NIBH, EESC.

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Flood Citizen Observatory

Flood Citizen Observatory (AGORA-FCO) is a crowdsourcing platform which obtains volunteered geographic information related to flood risk management, more specifically information about flooded areas and water height in the river bed. This tool is an instance of Ushahidi platform. Research partners: NIBH, EESC.

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Volunteered Observation Service

Volunteered Observation Service (AGORA-VOS) is a framework which aims to retrieve volunteered geographic information from crowdsourcing platforms and make them available in an interoperable way through geospatial services.

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Spatial Data Infrastructure-NODE

Spatial Data Infrastructure-NODE (AGORA-SDI-NODE) is a prototype Spatial Data Infrastructure node used to collect and prepare Spatial Information Layers, essential for Disaster Preparedness and Management, enriched with the necessary meta-data, to be interlinked with other Linked Open Data sources like DBPedia (Wikipedia) and LinkedGeoData (OpenStreetMap). This SDI node promotes the move from 3 to 5 star geospatial data envisioned by Tim Berners Lee (2010): ”Link your data to other data to provide context.”. Research partners: NIBH, EESC.

Dynamic Sensor Management (DSM)

AGORA-DSM is a service-oriented middleware aiming to manage dynamically and in near real-time heterogeneous sensors for flood risk management. AGORA-DSM provide sensor data in interoperable manner using open and reusable components. AGORA-DSM contains a common message protocol, a dynamic sensor management component and a repository.

For more information on AGORA-DSM, please visit our open source code repository at


AGORA-PrioritizeSN is an application for supporting flood risk managements by means of the near real-time combination of social network messages and sensor data streams. The application aims to identify valuable social network messages during floods.

For more information on AGORA-PrioritizeSN, please visit our open source code repository at: