DSS 2017: Bridging the gap between decision-making and emerging big data sources

A new publication of AGORA Research Group presents a model-based framework that aims at connecting decision-makers’ tasks and decisions to big data sources – abstract is presented below. A case study within a Brazilian early-warning center (Cemaden) was conducted for evaluating the framework in practice. Based on lessons that were learned from this study, some implications for practice and research were presented. This article has been accepted for publication in the Decision Support Systems Journal and a pre-print version of the full paper can be found here.

exampleAbstract: With the emergence of big data and new data sources, a challenge posed to today’s organizations consists of identifying how to align their decision-making and organizational processes to data that could help them make better-informed decisions. This paper presents a study in the context of disaster management in Brazil that applies oDMN+, a framework that connects decision-making with data sources through an extended modeling notation and a modeling process. The study results revealed that the framework is an effective approach for improving the understanding of how to leverage big data in the organization’s decision-making.

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